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Mermaid Sign | Pyrography Design | Underwater Decor | Hand Painted | Rustic Decor | Simple By Lacey

This custom ordered sign was such a fun piece, that really allowed me to use my creativity and imagination to really make it come alive. This was a four step process. First step was to prep the wood and hand draw the imagine on. Below is a photo of the image I drew onto the wood.

I drew using light strokes for most of the image so I can easily make changes and or erase any lines left over after I was done with the wood burning. One area, for example, that I ended up changing was her top (shirt). In this first drawing it looks more like a typical shirt would look but when I went to wood burn I decided to change it to look like shells so it went with the overall mermaid and underwater theme. The second step was to wood burn the outline and some of the shading to add effect to the image before I painted it. I enjoy wood burning the lines because it creates more depth, allows the lines to stand out more and in person I enjoy the fact that you can see the indented lines from the wood burning. I think if you use the art of wood burning correctly it can give a really nice added feature to any art and wood combo!

My favorite part of this entire project was painting. I love being able to combine colors together and create an image that only you can see. My grandmother always told me there is multiple colors in everything and whenever I go to paint something I think about her. She has inspired me to always be creative and be myself. I enjoy painting because it allows me to fully express myself and I get to be messy while doing it! Which I don't know about you guys but it is always fun to have an excuse to be messy. This mermaid sign used many colors. I tried to really think about the coral reefs and mermaids in general when choosing the colors I chose. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and most importantly so is our client!

Here is a quick video from start to finish.

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