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Our Story

tales of the heart

A Fairytale Come True

Sometimes love is Simple.

Our once upon a time began in 2011, when we first met. As all fairytales start, we had a romantic evening of wining and dining, while we got to know each other…. Meaning he brought me to Wendy’s and we picked up a blockbuster. To all those born after the 90’s that’s a movie. For Richard and I it was instant, our love. It was as if we had been together for forever, even though we had just met and I knew almost nothing about him. It was our energy, we just clicked.















What I love about our relationship is that even though he is my soulmate he is first my friend, my best friend. I can openly and honestly talk to him about anything. He knows my darkest, deepest secrets, my desires, my wants, he is truly on this journey called life with me for all the ups and downs and I for him. 


I don’t just love him for his beauty and for his positivities. I love him for his crankiness, his obsessive cleaning, for his stubbornness and even if we disagree on a topic, I am always his number one. 


Growing up I had to face many challenges with family and with learning what true love meant. It always came with circumstances, not given unconditionally. Richard is the one person who never asked for anything in return for his love. He just loves me with all of my baggage, my scars and my broken pieces. He not only loves me but he healed me. 


We have been together for 12 years and we have been married for 9 years. In August of 2014 we took a trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina, which unknown at that time was 30 minutes away from where we live now! It was a trip that changed our lives. We not only fell further in love with each other, we fell in love with these gorgeous mountains and the country. We decided to get married in this magical place, in a private setting of just him and I. 


We vowed for forever to each other and spent the rest of the week celebrating our marriage in the mountain side, hiking, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. We knew that this is where we were to one day live, however it ended up taking 6 more years before we made our big move down the east coast.


We decided to move to Tennessee over North Carolina because we have more freedom here. Our county we reside in has no building codes, we have no land restrictions and we were able to get more land for our money. 30 minutes from Hot Springs, North Carolina where we got married. We now live, directly on the other side of the mountains. Our marriage was the beginning of this journey to our home land and every step led us to this exact piece of property that has been waiting for us to find. 



What we have learned from each other is that love is the most important thing to share. Love yourself, your loved ones, friends, neighbors, strangers and this world. Creating our company together was a beautiful journey that is ever expanding each day. With it we get to create our art, help reuse material that would have been trash, and we get to spread love to people. 


If we can make even just one person’s day better, put a smile on their face, and brighten their world, it is worth it. Waking up on our land together in Tennessee, spending our days together working toward our company and our dream has been incredible. 


To live a lifestyle of genuine happiness, being in touch with nature, calming our minds, creating art and spreading happiness is Simple. The world needs Simple, come and  be part of the journey to healing our souls, connecting to nature and celebrating Earth! 


Join us on one of our events on our land, subscribe to our YouTube to see us build our cabin, follow us on instagram to see our latest project and message us any question you may have! We want to connect with you and hear from you. We love you!

Richard & Courtney on swinging bench
Courtney and Richard standing together gazing over their front porch railing.
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