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Simple started as a way for us to give back to this world. Many materials like wood, metal, glass and cardboard are constantly getting used once and then thrown away into our landfills and into our oceans. This affects our world and all of us living here.

Starting on this mission to conserve materials and also create our art, we decided to use reclaimed materials and save items from ending up becoming trash. We use wood that others have cut down, from donated broken down furniture, pallets, fallen limbs from trees, etc. Anything and everything that we can, to prevent us from using new wood and to give those pieces a new chapter to their life. 

We do not stop at wood though, we use reclaimed glass in our picture frames and we use recycled cardboard as our fill in our shipping boxes. Our mission started small with just the two of us and now we have many people who help us out by donating their old furniture, wood floors, pallets and also glass. Its really a community effort and we are so happy that we have this network and build upon it everyday.

Trees are amazing and should be cherished. Here are some tree facts to show just how important trees are to us, this world and should be important to you too! Trees clean the air we breathe, they provide habitat to over 80% of the terrestrial biodiversity in this world,  and they help provide drinking water by filtering it in the ground. Forests absorb harmful carbon from the atmosphere and store it in the ground locking it into the soil deep within its roots. In general forests also provide jobs to over 1.6 billon people and 25% of the key ingredients to all medicines come from trees/plants. An example that most people have taken is aspirin which was derived from the bark of a tree!

As a final note to helping this world conserve trees and materials, when you choose Simple, we plant a tree in honor of you. For this tree planting, you will get a tree certificate with your name and where/when your tree will be planted. We partner with One Tree Planted to have trees planted throughout the world. They have many ongoing projects in crucial areas that need replanting, like the amazon rain forest. 

Cedar wood shavings on cedar wood board
Tree sapling being planted into ground by gardener
Cut logs of cedar wood
Potted tree saplings waiting to be planted
Sunset behind pine trees with mountain horizon
Close-up of pine needles with dew drops
Tree sapling from one tree planted in a field of tree plantings
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