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Custom Cutting Boards | Juice Grooves | Reclaimed Wood | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsmen

Our custom cutting boards are a beautiful multi-toned wood display. Using only reclaimed wood we find hardwood that is naturally toned in a range of colors. Putting together the different pattens of color is one of our favorite parts to assembling these cutting boards. We really enjoy making each and every cutting board unique. We have an assortment of oak, rosewood, walnut, and maple that we combine together to create our custom cutting boards.

Our cutting boards come with the options of juice grooves and handle cut outs. These are great for when you are cutting anything from juicy tomatoes to savory steaks. The juice runs off right into the grooves and is easily poured out when you want into the sink. The handles make a sturdy area to hold and allow your hands to stay clean from your prepped food.

Our cutting boards are a great piece for your home or as a housewarming, anniversary or wedding gift. We can wood burn a name, date or design into the wood for an extra special touch! Contact us today to place an order for a custom cutting board of your own.

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