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Sound Frequency Wood Plaque | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsman | Minimalism

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

"Well you've heard about love givin' sight to the blind

My baby's lovin' cause the sun to shine

She's my sweet little thang, she's my pride and joy”

~Stevie Ray Vaughan 

These words are beautiful and capture the essence of love for many people including our next client. She came to us wanting to give her boyfriend a gift that was filled with love and will hold that special meaning for years to come. Her request was to have the sound wave from that exact quote burnt into a plaque of wood. It was such a romantic and unique way to celebrate love, we were very excited to be chosen to create it for them. 

This special request was a surprise for their one year anniversary. We had only met our client 5 days before their anniversary so we were under the crunch! We wanted the plaque to stand out for the natural beauty in the wood and at the same time have the dark burns of the sound wave capture your attention, standing out against the wood. Going through our wood reserve we kept that notion in mind, trying to choose the perfect piece. 

We ended up choosing a piece of wood that was 1 inch thick by 22 inches long. It had a stain over it from its origin and had some rough patches on the surface. We took care of both of these problems by sanding it down in a 3 step process. We used 80 girt, then 120 and finally 220 grit to leave the surface buttery smooth. Once every edge got the 3 step sanding process we moved on to the burns. 

Using our phone's microphone app, we were able to obtain the sound frequency from the exact quote she wanted and brought up the design on our Cricut design space. The final design ended up being 12 inches long and 4 inches in height. After adding the date to the design we printed it out to make a stencil. We transferred it over with a pencil, making us finally ready to burn the design into the wood. 

The wood burning was the most tedious out of the entire project. Each line had to be burnt in sections using a hand burner. Keeping the lines perfectly straight and not allowing the heat or smoke to make the lines thicker then each other was the hardest part. There were 129 lines burned into the plaque to complete this sound wave. Just seeing the completed sound wave really brought the plaque to life. We were already so excited for our client to see it! The last step for the burning process was to add in the date. 

With all of the burning done, we only had a few minor details to finalize the product. We drilled holes evenly apart along the top, 1/2 an inch down. These holes allow us to put rope through, giving our client the ability to hang and display the plaque. Once the holes were drilled we polyurethaned the entire plaque, let it dry over night and added the rope in the morning. 

We wanted to give her the full package, so we even wrapped her plaque, making it ready for action to be given as her anniversary gift. The best moment, when all the rushing and hard work pays off, is when we get to see our clients first glance at their product. Our client opened it first without her boyfriend seeing it, and cried upon sight of it. It could not have been more perfect of a moment. She loved it and she got to spend an amazing weekend with her boyfriend, celebrating their love together! 

Here at Simple by Lacey, helping others, spreading love, and living simple is our top priorities. We love to connect to others, to open doors and together, see where our creativity can lead. We are so happy to have met all the wonderful people who have chosen Simple by Lacey and we are so excited for our new adventures that await us. Please contact us via our email: for any inquiries with tiny homes, furniture builds, or custom decor and crafts. We look forward to create with you!





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