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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

My favorite places to practice yoga are all outside. I feel grounded and able to really connect to my spiritual self when I am surrounded by nature. The wind in my hair, grass or sand between my toes, and the sun shining down on my skin is when I feel my best.

Over this summer I want to journey to as many outdoor trails, parks and beaches as I can. I want to find spots to meditate, practice yoga and just take in all the beauty. Hopefully I can take my picnic basket along with us for some of the adventures! The photo above is right down the street from my house. This is a very special place. You can see the Nissequogue River connecting to the Long Island Sound and across the Long Island Sound, on clear days, you can see Connecticut. Listening to the water gently coming and going brings a calm to my soul. Nature creates its own music and if you allow yourself to hear its music, it can heal you. It allows you to de-stress and take deeper breathes. Longer breathes equal a longer life.

Staying Connected To Nature

There are so many ways to get out into nature and connect yourself with the world. Throughout this spring and summer of 2018 I will be posting all the places Richard and I visit and our progress in our yoga practice. Whether it is the river down the road from our house or a hike through woods in a different state I will be posting our adventures and how we are staying active. Soon we will be putting up our yoga trapeze and slack line outside. Since we live in a tiny home there is not enough room indoors to use them. We have a mulberry and walnut tree we attach the slack line to and we have a metal pole for our swinging bench that we use for our yoga trapeze, we alternate them depending on the occasion. I am so excited to use them again, I hardly got to use them at all since the beginning of the past fall. Once we have them up, I will be posting tons of different positions and helpful tips to strengthen your body using both the trapeze and slack line! Please check out and follow our Instagram to see more yoga positions and healthy living posts!





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