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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Lets face it, in this day and age its hard to not fall into the convenience of buying already made products. They are all around us, enabling us everyday and most items are reasonably priced. This age of mass production leads to over consumption, over spending, and lack of interest in what your actually using. We trust what they tell us but half the time when you look at the ingredients most people can not even pronounce what they are using.

We all fall into this tradition especially when we are running around between our careers, family and everything in between. The balance of it all is a difficult one and adding paying attention to organic products/food can be seen as a challenge not worth fighting for; which helps people to be attracted to fast food restaurants and store bought products. This convenient but unhealthy habit has really changed the lives of the population around us.

Being more organic and even making your own food and products leads to making choices that work for our body by strengthening it, which in turn will help to heal our body and even our mind. You must make a conscious effort to try to do better for yourself and in turn it will even help the world. Simple is not just the name of our company but the idea behind our concept to life. When looking for a quality product to use on your body and to consume in your body, the simpler and more pure the ingredients the better for you. 

~Oils for everyday~

Over the last year we have replaced a few of our daily items with healthy oils that are beneficial to you and are straight forward with what you are putting in or on your body. It feels great to know what we are ingesting and we love to keep down the rate of consumption in our lives. Here are a few ways we have found to simplify our lives with oils and why they are beneficial:

Rose Oil (Face Moisturizer):

We buy ours from trader joe’s however as long as you research the brand and make sure its organic you can buy rose oil from many different sources. With it’s array of complex vitamins, minerals and antioxidants rose oil is excellent for moisturizing skin, treating acneic skin, and helping to reduce redness and inflammation in your skin tone and overall coloration. Once in the morning and once at night keeps our faces red free, acne free, and moisturized even during the hot summer days. Even as a little girl my face always was flaking from being so dry and Richard always had an oily face, quite the opposite problem!!  With this daily routine of applying the rose oil twice a day, once morning and once night, our face skin is balanced and our skin coloration has evened out! 

Coconut Oil (Body Moisturizer & Body Scrub):

Coconut oil is a superfood that has positive effects on your health from its unique combination of fatty acids. Always use unrefined coconut oil for the process to making it refined eliminates the components that offer the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. There are numerous ways that coconut oil has be proven to help your body. Not only does coconut oil help with fat loss, it helps kill bacteria, protects your skin, hair, and nails, raises your good cholesterol, reduces seizures, improves cognitive function in dementia patients, and when used in cooking reduces hunger. When applying coconut oil to your skin you will notice right away it brings out a better coloration to your skin and it will eliminate dry skin. We have never had such great skin! First we scrub ourselves with coconut oil and sea salt. I do love mixing in lavender oil for an added fragrance and for the added relaxation. Exfoliate your whole body and rinse with warm water. Once your done with your shower, towel dry and apply coconut oil to your body. The smoothness and softness in your skin quality is amazing. On top of that the anti-inflammatory components keep your skin coloration balanced and your skin tone even richer.

Have dry, damaged hair or a dry flaking scalp?!

**As a bonus you can also use coconut oil as a hair mask treatment! Using this mask once or twice a week will bring moisture to your hair, allow the hue to become richer and make it super soft. The day of the mask, your hair will be extremely greasy and you will have to rinse it through more then once, however the end results will be worth it!

Vitamin E Oil (Daily Hair Moisturizer/Strengthener):

As a natural brunette now blonde, I was getting my roots done every three months. The process was more damaging then I realized, flash forward three years later and my hair was thin, short and continuously breaking. I did not know what to do! I wanted my blonde hair but I want my hair thicker and longer. I stopped dying it and started using Sun Bum Hair Lightener. I do not want to consume however, I have only ever needed one bottle and its been an entire summer. I still have way over half a bottle left, have not dyed my hair yet, and my blonde is still going!! My current look is more of a balayage but my roots look light brown when they should be border line black! My real pride of this hair transformation is the thickness that I have now. My hair has always been thin, even as a child. Since stopping the dying I also started applying vitamin E oil to my roots and hair in general every time I wash it. It is now twice as thick as it used to be. I have never had this thick of hair in my entire life. I really had no idea how great vitamin E oil is for you. Here are some facts of how it heals your hair. It has antioxidant properties which help to repair damaged hair follicles, it will prevent tissue corrosion, and even help build tissue. That alone will keep your follicles healthy and promote hair growth. On top of that vitamin E oil supports blood circulation and is a deep moisturizer for your hair, preventing breakage and brittle hair!!

We strive to use oils and other organic products in place of store bought items. Every week we try to be more creative and think outside of the box. Here are a few essential oils we love to use:

Do you have more ways you use oils and other organic products. Do you make your own products ? Please comment or message us to add feedback and to help us learn more. Theres nothing better then helping out others and trying new concepts!!! We are excited to hear from you and hope that everyone can grow from this article as well as we can grow learning from you!! 





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