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Multi-Cat Wooden Litter Box | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsman | Minimalism

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Our newest design addition for all cat lovers out there, introducing our Multi-Cat Wooden Litter Box. This new concept is for the fussier cats out there, that do not want to share a litter box. With the design of two separate entrances, leading to two separate litter boxes, it allows both your cats to relieve themselves in the comfort of their privacy, even if its at the same time.  This also solves the issue if they are the type of cats who only like to smell their own smell. With the separate spaces, they can now spread their smell in their unique room without disturbing the other cat in the home. It will provide a calm environment in the home and prevent any jealousy or competitions within the subject of the litter box. 

The new concept came about when our own cats started developing an issue with sharing one litter box. Our male cat, Todd, developed crystals in his urine. After finally correcting that situation with medication and food change, our other cat was reacting poorly to Todd’s urine smell. She stopped peeing in the same litter box unless it was completely fresh and cleaned. Since we are not always home to provide that type of service, a more realistic answer was needed. We decided to remake our design concept with her problem in mind. Giving them each their own box, having enough space in each room and still finding space for a storage section were just a few of the questions we needed to keep in consideration while designing this box. 

We wanted to go above and beyond to help our female feline out. Now even though we are providing them with two different litter boxes, this does not mean they will play fair and stay in the correct box. For this reason we decided to use the fact that my female feline is two times smaller then my male feline. When Richard cut out the entrance holes for each litter box he made one to fit the height of Todd and one to fit the height of Nala. We even filmed Todd trying to get into Nala’s side and he could not squish his body through the tiny entrance. It was a success, Nala fit and now has a litter box that Todd physically can not inside to use! 

The reclaimed wood used is from pallets and offers a beautiful shade of gray and tan wood. The feather like pattern that flows through the front exterior wood panels is a gorgeous display that represents why natural wood alone can simply be enough. Richard decided to leave the edge of the lid with its natural curves and edges. The charm from the true characteristic of the wood really adds to the rustic flair of this piece. He did not take away the natural line the wood formed but he sanded it to give it a soft feeling to touch as you grab this piece to open the lid.

This design for a multi-cat home has helped our cats remain in a calmer state of mind, be able to do their business at any time (even if the other cat has to go at the same time!), and we were able to be aware of space and overall design concept. We still live in a tiny home so space and having an overall cute design to display in the main and only floor space is very important to us. We strive to be able to make a product that does not allow smells to escape and looks stylish enough to be a featured furniture piece in your home. Almost everyone that walks into our house uses this product as a bench to sit on! We usually have to tell them what it is before they realize or they see the cats walk inside!!

We love all animals and cats especially. Helping out our furry friends live a calmer life, while providing a stylish and efficient reclaimed wooden litter box is what we strive for with our product. We look forward to working with you in designing a litter box that is custom for your home and your peculiar kitty!

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