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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Sometimes the hardest part is getting motivated. We all know the feeling of wanting to stay in bed and be lazy. The winter months were the hardest for Richard and I. The gloomy overcast, which left the whole sky gray, cold winds, and sun setting around four, made us not want to do anything. Now that we can see signs of spring, it enforces the need to be outside. We hear nature and the warmth calling our souls and we can not resist. When the sun is out, so are we!

Over the weekend Richard and I took a day trip to Greenport, which is on the north fork of eastern Long Island. It was a trip mostly for Richard to ride his BMX bike with our two close friends. The skate park not only provided them a nice session to ride but I found great spots to do yoga to stay active. Since I am the only one out of the group that does not ride, I want to keep my body moving as much as possible. The picture above is on top of the mini ramp, you can see Richard's BMX bike featured in the background. He stopped his session for a few minutes to help capture this moment!

I am very proud of this backbend position. First of all, the fact that I am able to bend my back after my injury is a miracle. I am so happy yoga has helped me heal this far and I am excited to see how far it can bring me. I did have some tightness in my lower back during this position that I want to conquer, however this position pushed me further. Every time I look at it, I know I will be completely healed one day. The first day I injured my back I could not bend forward or backward. Now here I am, almost fully touching the ground in a backbend. This was a major part of this day trip, boosted my confidence and makes me want to challenge myself more.

Richard has had a wrist injury due to his BMX riding. It has taken some time to re-strengthen for him to be able to fully use it without causing a lot of pain. It has affected him so much that he was not participating in many activities and it had prevented him from holding handstands. This trip he was finally able to do a whole BMX session and get back into his handstands. His vibes were flowing with positivity and calmness after today, being able to be active again means a lot to him and to us. It allows us to stay connected to each other, our own souls, and to nature.

Richard has been riding BMX since he was 12. The way I see it is a form of art. He uses his talents and his bicycle to express himself and show off his balancing skills and technique. You must be precise and be prepared for many falls but it is a very rewarding form of stress release, a display of art, and a way to keep your body moving.

I can not think of any better way of ending a day trip then practicing yoga on a beach while the sun is setting. It was very windy and cold but breathtakingly beautiful. Sun sets are one of my favorite views. Painted across the sky are the most beautiful colors that only nature could create. It brings a smile to my face every time I get the chance to see one. Try to get out there and stay active this week. We are taking out time to mend out garden. I will be posting our tips and tricks with garden care and pictures of how it looks. Gardening is a great way to get yourself out in nature and how to start moving. Leave a comment on what your favorite activity to help you stay active is and how you help inspire others to keep moving!





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