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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Organic farm stands are by far my favorite chose to purchase my fruits and veggies from. Richard and I feel safer knowing how our food was grown, where is was grown, and just the quality in the individual product and its flavor is exceptional.

My family has a house in Andes, New York. Its a little under four hours of a drive Upstate. When we plan a trip to visit the mountainside, we make sure to visit the @migliorellifarm. The photo above features our last stop by, almost two weekends ago. I have prepped them since and put them into masonjars to store over the next week while I use them.

I spend a decent amount of time prepping everything but it really is worth while. I find that storing food in glass mason jars allows for proper breathing of the produce. It always helps me to use a well rounded variety of vegetables and fruits because if you leave anything sitting in the same position for too long it will start to break down prematurely. As long as you are prepping your food and properly storing them, with air tight containers, none or little moisture and making sure to move them around so they do not break down from pressure, your fresh produce should last a while and taste delicious the whole way through.

One way we try to get in a lot of vegetables and fruits in a single sitting is to juice them!

The cleanup may be a task but the nutritious and scrumptious apple juice we got in return was so worth it. Knowing what you put in your body makes you feel great and knowing that its filled with nutrition and not hormones and chemicals makes us feel even better.

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