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Custom Wedding Window Display | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsman | Minimalism

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

"When you meet the one that changes your heart beat, dance with them to that rhythm, for as long as the song lasts.” -Kirk Diedrich. 

Dancing to their unique rhythm was a beautiful couple, celebrating the beginning of a long adventurous lifetime together. This past Friday our clients became Mr. & Mrs. and we were fortunate enough to be part of the big day! Amanda and Eric used Simple by Lacey to design and create custom wedding window displays for their seating chart.  

When we found these windows we knew at first glance they had the style and overall characteristics that would be perfect for the rustic meets modern wedding. First of course, we needed to repair and restore the wood frame of the windows. Thankfully all of the original glass panes in the windows were intact and did not need anything other than a good cleaning!

Besides the glass, another factor working in our favor was the condition of the wood. On both windows, the front side of the frame, was the better conditioned wood. If you compare the picture above to the picture below, you can clearly see the difference between the two extreme wood conditions. The back side is literally flaking apart and cracked off completely in some sections. Whereas the front is in one piece and only needed a general sanding over to remove the old paint. 

Scroll down one more photo to get an even closer view of the flaking paint and cracked wood of the frame. After lots of sanding and repairing we made the back and front of the frames to look the same again. Sanding them down to the wood, made the frames really look brand new. We got to see the swirls in the wood pattern and the beautiful natural hue of the wood unearthed after years of that paint hiding it.

The chosen color was Red Red Wine by Olympic Paint. The color radiates and keeping the handles were the perfect accessory to showcase the originality of this window set. Already the windows have taken on a complete uplift and we still had all of the decorative writing to still be put on!

The first panel we decided to place on the windows was their monogram. The simplicity and elegance that the monogram portrays really set the tone for the rest of the panels. We love the font we used, which was Annabelle. We custom made the monogram ourselves using our design studio, Cricut Design Space. It is made for our Cricut Maker and allows us to design unique creations like one-of-a-kind monograms and cut them into any type of material.

For this project it called for using premium vinyl, which we choose to get in a pearl white color, giving the letters a slight shimmer. For each letter, we had to hand weed them out of the vinyl and transfer them over to the window panels. It is a tedious but rewarding process, once it is all done!

The final stage of this project was to safely deliver it to the wedding venue on Amanda and Eric's big day. We were overwhelmed with their happiness in our work. The most important person to us with our company is you, our clients. We want to build you a product that is beautiful, elegant, and that compliments you. These windows are now a treasure to the Nelson's for years to come whether they keep them exactly as they are as a memoir from their wedding, have us create a new design using the windows as a decor in their home, or even replace the window panes with mirrors for a whole new look! Crafting and building leads to endless opportunities which is why we love it so much. We look forward to working with all of our current and future clients to create their custom designs.

Contact us today to place an order for your custom wedding decor: or call us: 631-505-7859





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