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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

To heal within is truly healing. Yoga and mediation are here to help guide us to heal our physical injuries while also healing our soul. It allows us to listen to the little voice that often gets ignored, helping to create a feeling of calmness. The combination of yoga and mediation together relaxes and strengths muscles while melting away stress!

My journey to yoga started back in 2011 when I first hurt my back. I was a nursing assistant at 19 years old and I was working at my first nursing home. After six months of working using poor body mechanics and being over loaded with too many patients, my lower back muscles were over strained, weakening each day. One day I lifted too much weight for my body size and I popped out my L4 (my fourth lumber vertebrae). I was in so much pain! I could not bend forward or backward. I was sent to get a x-ray immediately. The doctors put me on six months of physical therapy and it helped regain some movement. To be honest though, I was so stiff in my lower back still. I had pain all over and nothing I did came close to lessening the pain. I knew I had to do something, I wanted my life back and the freedom to move.

“Living in pain is no way to live. Introducing yoga into my life gave me control of the pain, allowing me to control my life. I was able to focus on my weakest areas and strengthen them, leading me down a road where I saw the light of relief.”

Controlling my future and my body

I will not lie, it was a painful journey to where I am now. I stretched everyday because I had to; I was in so much more pain if I skipped a few days. The difference was incredible. That being said while stretching I also was enduring loads of pain. I practiced very slow yoga, sitting in one position for a long time until my muscles were able to relax. Even though it was slow progress I could feel the relief in the tightness. Now in 2018, seven years later, I have progressed greatly from day one of my yoga practice. Being able to be in positions like the crow and a headstand is a wonderful and uplifting feeling. It makes me feel strong, independent, and in control of my body once again. I worked on therapy units for so many years with patients needing help with muscles, bones, and nerves. What I can say I learned as a moral to my nursing days is listen to your body by mediating, stretch your body through yoga, and hydrate your body with water and nutritious meals. These three methods will prolong your life, allowing you to live your life to the fullest with great quality.

Richard has already come far in his practiced, when he first started he could not even touch his toes! He has never had a major injury like me but had general body pain from years of falling due to his love of riding BMX. We make it our daily tradition to get up and stretch right after breakfast everyday and before going to bed. We save that time to give back to our bodies so that they can feel great and perform their best all day every day. Handstands have always been his favorite. They blend his love of balancing with the need to focus and central his energy. Let us know what your favorite pose is and why you started your practice of yoga.





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