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Tiny Home Bus Gutting | First Day Demo | Gutting | Tiny Home | Tiny Home Living | Simple By Lacey

Day one of gutting the bus! To make permanent plans for all the electrical, plumping and heating choices we wanted to know how the structure of this bus was, what we could re-use and what we had to upgrade and replace. To answer these questions and to be able to build the custom areas our first step was completely gutting the bus and examining everything. Here is a video what we got up to removing during day one. We took out the bench seat, the padding on the walls, the speakers, the lights, the strips of metal floor lining, The plastic corner paneling, the ac, and the lift. Check back here to see us removing the paneling for the ceiling in our next video of the second demo day!

Below is some photos we took throughout the gutting during day one!





















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