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Scout, Our Tiny Home Bus

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I have not written a blog update in a year! I will be updating and documenting every stage of our tiny home. We are now at almost full completion! It has been a crazy, beautiful journey filled with many learning curves but we are both super excited to see Scout complete.

For now let's go back and fill in some spaces, where I left off on here. Last time I wrote Scout was just getting the ceiling ripped down. After the ceiling was fully removed, we decided to cut a hole for the skylight!

The skylight was a major design decision. First background, we have never done anything like this before, ever. But we felt it was necessary to create depth in height for the bus and also to bring in tons of sunshine. Richard decided to just go for it and he did great.

Installing the glass took a bit of figuring out to make sure there was no leaking. Everything had to be perfectly sealed. We used a gorilla glue PL and used an adhesive flashing to prevent water from being able to get through the seal.

It ended up being 7 feet long and 2 feet wide. It does exactly what we want it to, adds about 2" more in height to the main walk way of the bus and the natural light that pours in is amazing! Once finished we will be adding a curtain for at night for my mom's privacy.

Watch our video below to see Richard cut the opening in Scout for the skylight.

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