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Reclaimed Wooden NewBorn Photography Prop | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsman | Minimalism

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

This is a very special request from our close friend. A newborn prop is used as a prop for photography. This reclaimed wooden newborn prop will be used by newborns to capture the beautiful beginning weeks of their lives.

Unique personal creations like these are our favorite. It allows us to have to blend our minimalistic elegant style with the needs and personality of the customer. Reclaimed wood can be used in so many areas, we were very excited when we were able to include photography props as another category to explore.

Contact us for any custom creation you may need for your newborn photography today!

We begin every project taking the time to find the perfect reclaimed wood for the specific creation. We take in the design aspect and what part of the wood would be showing, the strength of the wood and the support needed in the foundation of the craft, and the size of the project and what wood we have available in that size.

Here you can see we have selected beautiful pieces of pine wood. After pulling out the old nails in them and sanding down the sides until they are safe for a babies touch, they will be ready to be assembled into our newborn prop.

Sanded down and the base boards are attached, its finally coming together here in this photo! Richard used his Kreg PocketHole Kit to help make the connection stronger, more seamless and once the holes are filled in, most people will not even notice there were ever holes in the wood.

Once we decided to make the holes, to carry this newborn photography prop, a heart shape, the project transformed very quickly. Even in this photo displayed above, which is a mock up for the sides, you can see all the rustic charm and the quality in craftsmanship. I made a stencil for the hearts so they were symmetrical. Using his plunge router, he carefully shaped the hearts, making this newborn photography prop filled with charm and love.

If you compare this photo with the last you will notice we did a design change. Shortening the side walls so that they fit snug in-between the two handle panels provided even more stability in the design and aesthetically is more pleasing to the eye for the connections to be one seamless flowing line. After making the design change, attaching the walls, sanding down the edges of the hearts, and staining this beauty, it is all set to be delivered! We used a soy based wood stain for the safety of the babies. The deep chestnut brown chosen was to match the personal photography style. It will be used by @ginagentile. She is a fabulous photographer working with newborns for the past 4 years. Her website is, please go check out her work!

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