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Reclaimed Wooden Litter Box | Simple By Lacey | Woodworking Craftsman | Minimalism

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

For all cat lovers out there you need this in your home. You know the issue of needing a litter box in your home but not wanting the look or the smell. With our beautiful reclaimed wooden litter box you can now add style and beauty all while blocking the smell, preventing litter from traveling across your floor, and hiding the look of a litter box.

Time and time again my husband and I would come home to find the litter box was all over our home or even worse to walk in the door and smell the awful stench of the cats having used the litter box. Thats just not what we want to face coming home everyday and we would not want our friends and family have to endure that smell just to come visit us. Nobody will want to hangout with our house smelling like feces and having to walk on top of litter! We were constantly cleaning our house every time we turned around, keep in mind we live in a tiny home. We have 500 square feet that is mostly an open concept kitchen and living room. Therefore our one main room that we have to eat, relax, and entertain is the room that had the smell and litter. We had it! We decided there had to be a cleaner and more stylish way to live. With our beautiful reclaimed wooden litter box that Richard creatively designed we have solved our problem and we finally have our oasis back! The litter box is made out of reclaimed wood, has a lid for easy access to the litter when you need to scoop it, has an inside storage area to store the extra litter and the scooper for convenience and efficiency, and prevents smell and litter from escaping because of the fabric flap covering the door and the rubber mats that line the inside. The rubber mats prevent the wood from absorbing any feces, holds the smells on the inside and helps trap litter on the mat floor instead of on the bottom of their feet.

“Our reclaimed wooden litter box is now a conversation starter whenever anyone visits but for only positive reasons."

When we showed the litter box to our friends and family, their initial reaction was that it was storage. We are crazy cat lovers to begin with so a storage with a cat design seemed very reasonable. Since the smell is held in, the cat on the front of ours is the only true design point indicating that it is a litter box. Once opening the lid and showing them all the truth behind the concept they thought it was fantastic. We even use the top as a bench to sit on. Its very sturdy, no smell to bother you, and it fits right in to your interior decorating of your home.

We have designed the one in the photos to match our curtains and the stain of our wood floor. The areas of this project that can be customized, specifically to your needs, are the length, width, and height to fit into any area and allow enough room for all your cat friends, exterior finishing (stain, paint, fabric entrance cover color and material), location of storage(left, center with two entrances for two litter boxes, right), and shape and size of entrance hole( width, height, circle, heart, square, cat, etc.).

Please contact us with any question or design inquiry you may have. We look forward to working with you, our main goal is to help the environment, focus on the beauty of nature with our projects and in life, and spread happiness. Being able to do that as a living is our dream. We are living our dream to show people how living a simple life allows you to truly live, live simply but live a life full of quality in love, peace, and happiness.

Live Simply. Simple by Lacey.

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