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About The Lacey's

Courtney Lacey | Simple By Lacey

Being with each other loving life, spreading happiness, and being in nature is what our life is all about.

Richard Lacey | Simple By Lacey
Our Story

Hello we are Richard and Courtney Lacey. Thank you for your interest

in our story and in Simple By Lacey. Learning about who we are and our priorities will help you be able to see the complete storyline. The story of Simple By Lacey is simple, its the story of how one day we decided to follow our dreams.


Richard and I wanted to live a lifetime of living simple. What we mean by that is to live life where every day we can do what makes us happy; we can be together, be in nature, and create art. We can celebrate ourselves by being healthy and exercising and keep our mind strong by eating healthy and keeping our stress levels low.


We strive to use only second use materials to preserve this world and still create one of a kind of art, that is custom to the needs of our clients. We both feel strongly about loving this planet and being conscious of our waste. We are anti-plastic and everyday we strive to use less.  For all of our crafts, furniture, and decor builds we use reclaimed materials.


We love using old wood, just by looking at the different stains, cracks, and wear, you can see the history and with some creativity, the diamond amongst the ruff. Wood will be a main component in our work however, reclaimed material comes in many forms so we will work with what is available.


Using our style of minimalistic elegance we create timeless and beautiful pieces that can be used for years to come. We create rustic decor, wedding decor, furniture, pet furniture and tiny homes. Simplistic but high quality lifestyle is what we want to share with everyone. Living a lifetime with genuine happiness, a calm mind, and love is Simple.

~Simple By Lacey~

Flowers From The Lacey Oasis
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