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Where We Donate

A main priority of ours is to preserve and protect the Earth. This beautiful planet we live on, is part of us and we must help to protect it, not destroy it. That is why we use reclaimed wood and second use material to create all of our art. We do not want to take any new resources away from this world.


To show our gratitude to this planet for allowing us to be here and live this life, we will be planting a tree for every product sold. We have partnered with One Tree Planted, donating to them each time we sell. Each client will receive a certificate of where and when their tree was planted in honor of their purchase with our company.


Planting trees not only gives us oxygen, they also remove carbon dioxide from the air, which helps prevent global warming. They give us and animals a place to live and its roots help support the strength of soil, which prevents erosion. There is so much they do for us and this world, all we have to do is plant them and give them love.

Click on the photos below to check out One Tree Planted!

One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted
One Tree Planted
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